Once upon a time my life was normal. Then the mirror in our basement ate us."

-- Abby, Fairest of All

Abby is the main protagonist in the Whatever After series. Throughout the series she travels through fairy tales with her brother, giving characters a new happy ever after.


Abby is a kind and caring sister, though sometimes she can bossy. Abby also tends to cry when she doesn't get her way, like when she tagged Penny in tag, but instead of becoming "it" Penny froze (resulting in a bit of a grudge against Penny). Abby has proved to be smart by solving fairy tale problems numerous times.


Abby is ten years old. Abby has wavy brown hair, which she usually complains about being so plain compared to other hairstyles. Abby also has freckles dotting her nose and big brown eyes. She is seen on every cover of the books (usually dressed as the fairy tale character the novel is focused on). Abby sees herself as a very logical person, as she wants to be a judge when she grows up.


Abby is the daughter of Bonnie and Dave and the sister of Jonah. Abby used to live in Naperville, Illinois, until she was ten. Her family then moved Smithville due to her parents’ jobs. She is very fond of visiting her Nana, a literature professor in Chicago. Abby is very interested in the fairytales her Nana would read to her. According to herself, Abby listened ninety five percent of the time while Jonah only listened five percent of the time. Abby wishes to be a judge when she grows up, as stated above. 


  • Abby is Jewish as she has talked about Hanukkah and having a Bat Mitzvah.
  • Abby came first in all her school spelling bees up until grade five.
  • Abby does not like swimming. However, she loves hot tubs.
  • Abby may have acrophobia (a fear of heights).