Once upon a time my life was normal. Then the mirror in our basement ate us."

-Abby, Fairest of All

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Abby is one of the main protagonists in the Whatever After series. Throughout the series she travels through fairytales ,with her brother, giving characters a new happy ever after.


Abby is a kind and caring sister, though sometimes she can bossy. Abby also tends to cry when she doesn't get her way, like when she tagged Penny in tag, but instead of becoming "it" Penny froze (resulting in a bit of a grudge against Penny). Abby has proved to be smart by solving fairy tale problems numerous times.


Abby is ten years old. Abby has wavy brown hair, which she usually complains about being so plain compared to other hairstyles. Abby also has freckles dotting her nose and big brown eyes. She is seen on every cover of the books (usually dressed as the fairy tale character the novel is focused on). Abby sees herself as a very logical person, as she wants to be a judge when she grows up.


Abby is the daughter of Bonnie and Dave and the sister of Jonah. Abby used to live in Naperville, Illinois, until she was ten. Her family then moved Smithville due to her parents’ jobs. She is very fond of visiting her Nana, a literature professor in Chicago. Abby is very interested in the fairytales her Nana would read to her. According to herself, Abby listened ninety five percent of the time while Jonah only listened five percent of the time. Abby wishes to be judge when she grows up, as stated above.

Fairest of All

Abby's family has just recently moved to Smithville from Naperville. Abby was having a hard time adjusting to her new school because the kids there call pop soda, mash their bananas and peanut butter into a big gooey mess on their sandwiches, and play freeze tag very “wrongly”, instead of the way she did in Naperville. Frustrated with these new changes, Abby goes to the library to calm down where she expresses her love for fairytales. 

That night Abby is awoken by Jonah who states the mirror in their basement is glowing and hissing. Confused, Abby folllows Jonah to the basement where Jonah's observations were proven true. The mirror sucks the two siblings in, plunging them into a mysterious forest. Looking for answers to where they are, Abby and Jonah find an old lady selling apples. They follow the grumpy old lady to a cottage in the middle of the woods where she offered an apple to a teenager who lives there. The teenager looked very familiar to Abby. Then Abby realized it was Snow White! Abby and Jonah stopped Snow White from eating the poison apple without realizing the consequences: if Snow White doesn't eat the apple, she won't fall asleep, her true love won't come, and she will never get her happily ever after! Even after Abby and Jonah ruined Snow's fairytale, she and the dwarves still welcomed them into the cottage until they found their way home.  

Abby and Jonah are determined to give Snow her happily ever after. Eventually, they come up with a plan. If Snow White pretends” to be poisoned, the prince (who will ride by in a few days) will fall in love with her anyway, so the dwarves construct a box for Snow to lie down in while she waits for her prince to come. But the plan backfired and the prince rides off. In chances of fixing the matter, the three go to the castle to stop Evil Evelyn.

If the Shoe Fits

After their adventures in Snow White's fairy tale, Abby and Jonah are trying to get back in the mirror, but it doesn't let them through. Disheartened, Abby gives up on trying to go in, until one night she reluctantly follows Jonah to the basement, still wearing her pyjamas as she was sure it wouldn't let them in.

The two end up in a coatroom, where they are caught by someone Abby refers to as Goatie Guy. Confused, they ask about Snow and it is revealed that they have been transported to a different fairy tale. They lie about their parents being at the party, then go off into the ballroom, and it is revealed that Abby's ridiculous pair of pink and purple polka dot pyjamas are actually the pattern of the Floom flag. Jonah begs to go exploring, and Abby agrees, if only for the sake of getting home. After going through all of the mirrors in the castle, Abby and Jonah return to the great hall. Jonah notices a girl talking to the prince and making him laugh, but Abby dismisses her as 'too plain' to be Cinderella. Cinderella arrives a bit later, wowing everyone in the crowd. Abby asks a lady about the multiple balls, confused as she assumes every fairy tale comes in threes. Cinderella doesn't realize it's midnight, so she runs, the prince, Abby, and Jonah in hot pursuit. Abby is relieved to see the glass slipper drop onto the stairs as it is supposed to.

After following Cinderella, they eventually get caught and tell Cinderella what's going to happen to her and that they need her house to get home. They try the mirror in Betty's room, then Kayla's and Beatrice's in their shared room, both times failing. Both of them hide underneath the beds, and after Kayla nearly squashes Abby's nose, she prays that Kayla doesn't bounce. After they go to sleep, Abby tries and fails to signal to Jonah that they have to get out. They reach Cinderella's room, forgetting to knock and barging in, causing Cinderella to drop the glass slipper on her foot. They sleep on beds of straw, and in the morning Cinderella's foot has swelled to an enormous size. After failing to hide from Betty in the closet and smashing the glass slipper, they are put to work. After Farrah refuses to help unless Cinderella learns to stand on her own two feet, Abby and Jonah try to find a way to earn Cinderella money to rent a 100$ apartment. For the next few days, they serve the stepfamily, while simultaneously trying to get Cinderella a job. They suggest cleaning and sewing, but nothing works until they find out that Cinderella likes cooking. After finding that there's no brownies in Floom, Abby and Jonah do her chores while Cinderella tries to make brownies. She makes the perfect batch and calls them Crownies. They sell the crownies in the market, but when Abby is passing out samples, she runs into Kayla who ends up helping them. After raising 100$, they go back to Farrah right before the prince arrives. Unfortunately, it is sabotaged by Betty and Beatrice, who turn Abby, Jonah, and Cinderella into mice, Kayla into a rat, and Farrah into a lizard. She shrinks Beatrice's feet to fit the slipper, but Mouse-Abby manages to get the wand from Betty and gives it to Farrah, who turns all of them back. After Cinderella moves out and Kayla is engaged to the prince, Abby and Jonah go back home through the fireplace.

Sink or Swim

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Dream On

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Bad Hair Day

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Cold as Ice

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Beauty Queen

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Once Upon a Frog

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Genie in a Bottle

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  • Abby is Jewish as she has talked about Hanukkah and having a Bat Mitzvah.
  • Abby came first in all her school spelling bees up until grade five.
  • Abby does not like swimming. However, she loves hot tubs.
  • Abby may have acrophobia (a fear of heights).