Bad Hair Day
WA Bad Hair Day
Vital statistics
Author Sarah Mlynowski
Illustrator Helen Huang
Published on 29 April 2014
Published by Scholastic Inc.
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Dream On Cold as Ice

Bad Hair Day is the fifth book in the Whatever After series, written by Sarah Mlynowski. It was published in April 29, 2014.


When my brother and I end up in the story of Rapunzel, we can’t resist climbing her hair. But her smooth locks suddenly look like they’ve been attacked by a cheese grater. Maybe a trim will help…Snip, snip, SNIP. Oops! Now Rapunzel’s hair is too short and we’re trapped!

So we have to:

  • Find the tower’s secret door
  • Avoid getting swallowed by a giant spider
  • Locate Pickles (aka the prince)
  • Reunite Rapunzel with her parents

If we don’t untangle this knotty tale soon, we could be stuck in this mess for good!



"Tons of fractured fairy tale fun." –New York Times bestselling author Lauren Myracle

4.6/5 on Barnes & Noble

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