A frombie is a what Abby and Jonah call the zombie like people under the Snow Queen's spell. (Whatever After book 6: Cold as Ice.)


Frombie's are people the Snow Queen has put under her spell.  A frombie can only say their favourite things that they long to have or do. Frombies believe that they enjoy playing with the Snow Queen building snowmen and making snowballs.

Becoming A Frombie

When the Snow Queen blows you 'a Kiss' you become glazed over and distant.  As Jonah explains it, "...that was so awful! I saw you, but I couldn't talk to you! I couldn't do anything I wanted to do!"  "...then I felt a kiss of cold air. And I kept thinking of ketchup and cheetos"  

Known Frombies

Kai: "Flowers...Games..."

Gerda: "Red Shoes...Exercise..."

Jonah: "Ketchup...Cheetos..."

Sharon: "Cream cheese..."

Abby: "Hot chocolate...Best friends..."