The Coat Man appears in If the Shoe Fits. When Abby and Jonah accidently end up in Cinderella's story, he finds them hiding in the coat closet. He seems to be upset with Abby and Jonah, but doesn't tell the King and Queen.

Physical Appearance

The Coat Man (Gary)
Vital statistics
Position He works as a coat man for the King and Queen
Age Young man (all we know)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Tall
Weight Skinny (all we know)
In the book he is described as a skinny, young man with a goatee. He was wearing a purple uniform.


He seemed to be stern towards Abby and Jonah. He seems to care about his job, since he did not want Abby and Jonah to get him fired. He seems to be confused when Abby and Jonah tell him about Snow White.